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Favorite celebrity meme

→[1/10] Appearances : ‘divergent’ Los Angeles Premiere -18/03/14

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I wrote utterly alone in my home. Then pre-recorded w/my producer, then recorded the final version in a  live room.
judiejodia wondered:
Ω, ✌, ♉

Ω Favorite Book

My favorite book changes every time I find a new book that I totally love, so I don’t even know which one to name as my favorite book now. I have to say that I mostly name Lucy In The Sky by Paige Toon because it was the first book that got me to reading chicklits, but I read it years ago so I don’t exactly remember everything from it, just that I enjoyed it. But if I’d really have to pick a book now to recommend it to someone, I would probably say The Hunger Games. It was a really good book, I don’t re-read books a lot but I think I’ll do it with this one before the next movie comes out. I did read a lot of literature kind books like The Dinner or books almost everyone loves like TFIOS, but if I really have to pick one that I couldn’t stop reading before it was finished then yes, it’s The Hunger Games. Which my awesome two friends recommended to me.

✌ Favorite character

Blair Waldorf. I love a lot of characters from different shows like PLL, Glee, Revenge etc. but if there’s a character that never disappointed me and where the writers always stayed true to the character, it’s Blair. She’s also one of the book characters that actually still felt the same on the show. And she’s just awesome. And has great facial expressions. She’s amazing and even though she does end up with a guy in the end, she has proved that she’s a strong independent woman in many episodes.

♉ Star Sign

Cancer, and it could’ve been Leo if I wasn’t born too early. But I do like that my birthday is in summer.

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